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Old Oak machines


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Hi all,

I was in my feed store today and noticed a MI machine. It was about half full. The owner told me they were old and hard and the lady had not been by in a long time. I told him what I was going to do and he asked if I wanted 4 old machines he had. He didn't have time to mess with them. I took them.

The are 4 Oak bulk vending machines. They came with one pole that they hook on to. 2 each on 2 levels. 1 for candy, 2 for bubble gum. looks like an inch. and one that I think is 2 inch for toys. They need cleaning and painting.

The mech's all work fine from my testing them. Problem is, they are .05, .10, .10, .25

the .25 being for the toy one.

Did I get a good deal? all 4 for 40 bucks. That was what he paid to have keys made for the locks. LOL I don't know if I can even find .25 coin mech's that I could use to replace them with. I guess I will check at Oak manufacturing. Any other ideas?


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Did a search on ebay and found this.

Click HERE to view auction!

Might want to ask if they are in working order because he doesn't state if they are used or working. There's 10 available for $15 w/$3.99 shipping. Sounds like you got a pretty good deal on the machines but the coin mechs will cost more than you paid for the machines. LOL

Good luck.

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Oak mechs can be found at Oak and A&A Global.

This is one reason for buying quality machines.  Parts and service will still be around decades later.

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Hey all,

Thanks for the link. They look exactly like what is in there.  I figured it would cost around 20 each for the coin mech's, but that will total 25 for each. I will need to scrape and paint 1 and 2 lids. Looks like the wheels are all in great shape, although 2 are gumball. It is funny, I will likely put two of these right back into his store whre I got them from. LOL

Oh, the globe is 4 glass plates. none broken or even scratched. I assume that it is safe to use the glass panes and most of the reason new machines have plexi globes is not from danger of broken glass?

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