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I am in business now.


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Hi all,

I guess I need to order more machines. I ordered one, which shipped out today. My plan was to place it for a month and see how it goes.

My wife called a little bit ago. She has 2 placed, 2 maybe's already. Those were from casual conversations with business owners. We live and work in a rural area and there are machines here, but not many and I think it is because the per month per head will be low in many of these places. The first one is a motel / gift shop and the second one is a restaurant w/ a gold course attached and a lake at it's door.

the Restaurant thinks they may want a DI machine too, so, if you are out there polecat, you can expect to hear from me this week I think, before you run out!

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Get a DI while they are hot ;). My last DI machine order was so hot it burned the whole FedEx trailer to the ground before it got to me :shock:.

Hate to admit it but it actually happened -- first time for everything. I do have to defend the DI/Certs product though Beer... it's not been proven that the product or machines actually started the fire! That's my story and I'm sticking with it...  (and I won't tell anyone who you work for ;))

Steve, spvg

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