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Hi Mark,

Ouch! Hard to come by a deal like that. $16.00!

You might try Amerivend, they are about as cheap as they come.

You might have to e-mail or call 'em. Their website wasn't working too good last time I checked.

I pulled this off of one of their eBay auctions...

  • Friendly and helpful Customer Service, M-F 8:30AM - 5:30PM PST, Toll Free 1-800-463-8863, or you can reach us by email, amerivend_mfg@yahoo.com we always return your call.

Good luck!


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XYZ or gumball machine factory i think its called. Do a google search for pipe stands

Just found www.bulkmachine.com   stands are $ 16.95 couldn't find out how much shipping is though.

touhey33 wrote:

Where else can you buy stands?

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