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Hi all,

I have searched quite a bit and do not seem to find discussion on suppliers for candy and such. Does everyone use Sam's, Costco, Cash and Carry? Or is there a good online store for bulk candy supplies?

My wife will likely be able to get most of what we need at Cash and Carry, but doubts that she will find gumballs there.

I want to price check online so I know how much money to send her with. while I am at it, I see bulk candy on Ebay. Would that be fresh? Anyone have experience with that. I saw xyz has bulk, but was not sure if that price was a great deal or not.

I do a search for gumballs and found a lot, thus my confusion as to a really good reputable supplier.

Thanks in advance.

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Many of us just pick it up at Sam's. They have what seems to move through our machines the best. They do carry DB gumballs and they can order candy for you. It all depends on how much variety you want to carry. Deals can be found on the net with some suppliers but watch the shipping charges. The advantage with your local Sam's is that you can run by and pick it up. As a business client you get to go in a couple of hours before the general public does so you don't have to deal with the lines.

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Howdy all,

I live about 250 miles from Sam's, although it looks like I can order from them online for many things, so that is good to know. My wife is going to check out Cash and Carry Wholesale next week as she has to go down there anyway. I am pretty far removed from most of the big places.

I went to Nationwide Candy  and they were pretty good I think, up till the shipping anyway. It will get me started on the gumball front till I work things out. My wife (Judy) knows she can get PMM and the other items there for sure.

Here is the link for Nationwide. Appreciate comments and I can report back if you all want on quickness of shipping, quality of product etc.


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Hi MountainMan,

Iv'e heard a few people around here mention,

A&A Global,

Cardinal Distribution,

and 5 Star - TJ King, (Iv'e heard bad things about 5 Star lately, like incomplete orders, and sending stuff that's beat up, etc... just thought I'd mention it as an option since you're so remote).

Also, you might try smartvending.com

and Quill, (the office supply people), sell Ford Gumballs cheap.

I think if you buy three or four cases S&H is free.

Seems like online suppliers sell in such large quantities, that I just don't order from 'em. I'm still to small.

I use Sam's. I have 5 of 'em within 30 minutes of my house, so I have the luxury of keeping my inventory to a minimum.

Hope that helps.


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 I think pretty much everyone here seems to be on the same page MountainMan! Although you said you lived 250 miles from the closest Sams Club, Samsclub.com is really awesome. And here's the reason! Whenever I go and choose Bulk Candy at their online site, they are always offering FREE SHIPPING which is a MEGA PLUS!!!!!!!! Other sites are a total ripoff, and you were right to question whether candy at XYZ was not really the best deal. The prices at most online warehouses (Supposedly Warehouses), aren't really warehouses at ALL. Instead they are bunch of regular guys sitting in a one bedroom apartment somewhere with a bathroom full of candy and a fancy website. Warehouse my A*%.  Stick with Sams, and that Cash & Carry place sounds cool. I go by a simple rule. If it sorta smells fishy and don't seem like a good deal, it probably isn't. The place online that I go to if I don't go to Samsclub and just pick it up myself, would be CandyWarehouse.com. Explore that site a little. I found a real prize that I'm gonna try in my triple heads! Remember back when you were a kid and they had the little boxes of Lemon Heads and Red Hots? Well they sell a 40lb box of Lemon Heads for about $80 or thereabouts. What it relates to is about $2.00 per POUND! They don't seem to stick together either like many of the "meltables" like Mike N' Ikes! So I'm sitting in my one bedroom apartment with a 40lb box of Lemon Heads as of this moment...and I MIGHT could make a profit....IF i could stop going in the box and eatin em!! :P

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