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Hi All,

For the past few years I've wanted to get into the vending/atm machine business, but have not pulled the trigger until today. I purchased a used Seaga HF3500 as my first vending machine. It already has a home. I am also about to purchase a Hyosung 1800 ATM. I'm on a roll and will be looking to learn as much as I can as well as to continue buying and placing machines.

I currently own an IT Outsourcing company by day. Volunteer EMT by night amongst other items. I'm a family man and believe in not putting all your eggs in one basket. During the summer months I like to ride my sportbike. No thanks to Sandy, my reefkeeping days are over.

I found this site while looking for a way to stock my machine that currently only accepts cans with a bottle of water. While I haven't found the answer yet, I will continue to look for an inexpensive way to put bottled water in a snake can slot.

I'm hear not only to learn, but also to share.

Thank You for allowing me to join this community.

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