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Tips for starting sticker/tattoo machines


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I have been vending solely bulk candy for over a year, but one of my Chinese restaurant location owners requested a tattoo machine. He said I could place it there next to my candy machine if I get one. Well, I got one today, but it's an old one, so I need to fully refurbish it first. There was some product included with the machine which I'd like to vend through first to make my money back, but any advice on how to order product for it?

Where do you buy your tattoos and stickers, how much should I expect to pay, and which ones sell best? Like I said, it'll be in a Chinese restaurant, if that makes any difference.


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As mainor said, VSI is good - HERE is their site.

I would also suggest FLATLINE.

They are great to work with and have fantastic product/pricing, too.

Remember to rotate your flat products.

You don't want to offer the same selections all the time.

If something is a really hot seller I may leave it in longer than I do the other selections.

But, regardless, I rotate all my selections somewhat regularly.

I learned that doing that keeps interest from the customers at a higher level...and interest = sales.

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VSI is very good. They have great pricing especially as you order more frequently with rewards points.

Flatline also have nice products and sales monthly on flat vend as well as some 1 and 2 inch product. They also have the Angry Birds license which gives them a leg up.

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