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new to vending in N\W OR

trooper Tdiesel

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ive got 3 can type vendos think that's how you say it, learning the systems.

having taken a basic class on A\C in college has grately help me under stand how these things run..

there all ex-Pepsi models.

the photo is saved from the ad on CL when i got them, so don't blame me for the size of it lol

more or less doing this for a non prof, grange hall and senior center since one is there by the boat ramp they get 0.25 a can, though there my equipment.

two are R134s runners, one is parts with a R12, no coin taker and some bad parts on the solanods and other stuff that drops the cans....on the parts one.other wize it could be a runner...

i had one of the R134s lock up and need a compressor so that set me back $250 though it took 6 weeks for it to get done.

so being that the parts one had a running cooling unet i swapped it over.

to give an idea as to the amount of product i move, i have major issues with pull dates. :(

with the compressor replacement, ive got about $550.00 in to the hole thing.

i started out with store brand colas but ive decided to switch over to name brand as ive found them for about 0.27~ a can+the 5C in OR or 0.29 a can in WA with no tax or 5C dep.

though i do have one issue i cant figure out.

after moving one of the runners, the valadater has stopped working, well it takes the bill but don't give product. the coin unet i think its a MARS 6800 is still working.

the senior center also has two others ones a older vendo then mine and a really funky Snapple one that's nothing like the vendos.

the old vendo also has a non working valadater.


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i think im finally getting a can a day LOL



im thinking i will get this one...

its a drive and needs a cooling unet, but i have a spare..out of a vend-o..


the glass front one is another possibility but will take a 2nd drive as i can only move one at a time.

ive learned not to go over kill on vending toys, as locating spots is not so easy... 






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Welcome to the forum.  You have found a place with more information than you'll know what to do with.  The best thing you could do is to read, read, read all the posts in the Beverage and Food forum to get an idea of how this business works.  I'm not normally the grammar police, but please try to format your posts in paragraphs and complete sentences.  It was very hard to decipher what you were asking compounded by your unfamiliarity of the machine terminology.


My first suggestion is to not get the Bevmax glassfront machine unless you are required by the account to have it.  You need to get comfortable with can vendors before you jump into the arena of bottle vending.  If you don't put the Bevmax into the right location you will be eaten alive by stale products, non-sellers that you have to pull, low profits from slow sellers, etc.  Being as new to this as you are, you will do just fine with can vendors as you learn the business. 


You say you're looking at buying the Vendo soda machine that needs a cooling unit in your second post.  Do you know why this Vendo is not cooling?  It may only need to be recharged or to have a fan motor replaced.  It's good that you have a working cooling unit already and luckily it is a Vendo unit but beware, depending on the model of machine your cooing unit came out of it might not fit this machine.  All the manufacturers of machines have different cooling units that are not interchangeable between brands and sometimes not between models within a brand either.  Basically within a brand such as Vendo, there are 2 can deep and 3 can deep machines and the cooling units can be different.  Chances are your good compressor will fit this machine but you need to be aware that there can be distinct differences.


It's good that you changed your products over to branded soda as store brands don't belong in a machine unless it's in front of a grocery store.  Your customers will be looking for name-brand products.   If you are having trouble with expiration dates then you are either putting too much product in of slow sellers, buying short dates without knowing it (dates s/b about 9-12 mos. on non-diet and 6-9 mos. on diet soda), or you have the machine in a bad account and you need to relocate the machine. 


Your bill validator problem could be the validator itself, the coin mech or the harness between them.  Make sure you have 15+ coins in each tube of the coin mech so it knows it can make change and the validator should then be enabled by the coin mech.  It's unusual for the harness between them to go bad, so it's likely a problem in the validator.  If you have another working validator you can hook up in this machine you can test it and confirm the problem.  If you have another coin mech then you can use that to isolate the problem, too.  If you need a rebuilt validator or coin mech you can PM me as I stock parts for all machines.

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yep lots of reading little posting over the last year or so.


the vendo im looking at was abandoned at a rental home. other then telling me its a vendo and they replaced the lock do to a drill out and it dont cool when pluged in they know no more..i can tell its a R-12 as the tag is silver in color in one photo..though i gess it could be swapped out to 134


the glassfront machine is $100 seems low. but yes i know all about product passed pulls. its just that thing will take it to a new level with out the right location....also i remember one in college that seemed to jam regularly so yea its low on the idea list.




yes all my stuff is 2 can deep.


other then a old Snapple maching i got for free its 3 deep.

ive thought it would work good some where that needs more then one price setting. i had it working, came back the next day and no worky??? they wanted it gone and i asked if i could take it and they said all yours...lol though ive yet to get a key for it..they gave me one to try need to


i got the valadater and coin working on the one i have by the boat ramp, and its now braking even. that got me from one can every few days to one can a day, will see if it holds up after the fishing derby, boat traffic slacks off then..

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If you can get the Bevmax for $100 that would be a great price as it has a late model validator and it already has some of the most important updates in it already.  After you get it you can determine what it might need.  The machine in good working order is worth over $1000, so even if you need to put some money in it you will have a pretty good value.


The machine you saw in college probably wasn't set up correctly to begin with and was probably much older than the one in your photo.  The later machines worked quite well. 

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sales tax? Oregon has no sales tax.


currently im moving so little product that even if the state knows there going to get really bored trying to track me as i rarely buy product  and pay in cash...most of the time.


now if i have a unet in Wa state selling, then yea i would need to pay tax to the state.. 

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