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Soda Machine Lighting Question


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The lighting systems in soda machines are very basic. They consist of a ballast, sockets and lamps - the wiring diagram is on the front of the ballast. Normally the lamps are F72T12CW where F is the length in inches, T is the diameter in 1/8" increments and CW stands for Cool White (try the Daylite color for a more vibrant look).

Due to the long lamp length, you'll probably need to go to an electrical supply house to buy these products or Grainger. It might be a good time to convert your system to LED lighting if your current system needs more than a couple of quick fixes.

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Thanks Moondog

We found a local supplier in the Tampa Bay area.

I also have a Gaines VM750 soda and snack machine that the a1, b1, c1, motors do not turn,

Do you have any sugesstions?

Personally I'd scrap the Gaines

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