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Bulk Vending -v- Full Line


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Just wondering why most people on the forum are into bulk vending?

Is it because it is less time consuming?

In my opinion it is less time consuming and less profitable...but that is just my opinion! I supose if someone owned 1000 machines doing an daverage of 10.00 per week, then you couldn't go too wrong! However wouldn't it take a very long time to get your initial investment back?

What's your reason for getting into bulk vending over full line vending?

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good question


i have millions of reasons why bulk vending is way better than full line vending


reasons why bulk is better-

  • little investment
  • part time
  • use existing car
  • you dont have to be strong
  • not as amny services
  • not as many breakdowns
  • no comision
  • cheaper lcoator fees
  • not as many items
  • higher ROI
  • not as many licence Needed

i can keep going and going


bulk vending is way better and easyier than full line vending


belive me and go BULK!

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You've got some good points! You just didn't argue them as I would have liked to see lol

I can give you reasons why Full Line is good;

  • Larger Profits
  • Short turnover time for stock - depends on what it is of course & Locations
  • It caters for a need - not a want (again this depends on the stock)
  • Excitement of doing bigger business!!
I could go on....
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well im sure u think some of those things but


-True there is more money bringing in, each week, month ect.


but how much more is it?

u make 21 cents per vend out of 25 cents, so lets scale that up and say ur soda cost a dollar


we make 81 cents out of each dollar(lets just say)


and u make around the same give or take,


so u make around the same amount of ROI, but do 100Xs as much work,


see where im taking this?



bulk vending, has no work invloved, and u still make good money.


full line?

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Full line:

Investment: How much money do you have to invest?  $10,000?  $25,000?  $50,000?

Storage: How much money are you going to spend per month on storage of your goods?  You have to keep them in a cool dry place.  You garage is prolly not going to cut it if you live in the souther states during the summer months.

Transportaion: What do you drive?  Do you own a truck with a lift gate?  How about a hand truck?  If you don't own a truck, you will need to rent one, or borrow one from a friend.  That would have to be a REALLY REALLY good friend tho.

Employees: Do you have help to move the machines in and out of the building?  If not, you may need to pay an employee to do these things. 

Spoilage: How many cases of planters peanuts are you planning to throw away because of spoilage?  Are you factoring that into your business model?

Time: How often will you need to go to each location and service your machines?  Every week?  Every 2 weeks?  Every month?  How long does it take you to service your locations?  How many locations can you service in a day?

Taxes/Fees: Do you need to license your machines?  Do you need to pay taxes?

Bulk Vending:

Storage:  I only do gumballs.  When I service, I will do about $400-$600 for a service run.  That means I only need to have 2-3 cases of gum available for a service run.  The cost is low, and I can keep it in my garage or even my closet.

Spoilage:  Gum lasts a long time.  The only things that can spoil it is direct sunlight and high-humid temperatures.  If you keep your machines out of the sunlight (not in the front window of a store) then it can sit for several months without spoilage.  But if I have to dump a machine because of spoilage, it's only about $10 worth of product that gets lost.

Transportation: I have a high-milage chevy cavalier.  I can carry 12 machines plus product when I go locating.  When I am just servicing and not locating, I only need to carry product.  I can easily carry 3+ cases of gum.  Plus I don't need any moving equipment like a hand truck.  The machines are light enough for me to carry over my shoulder.

Employess: I don't need any yet.  When I get bigger, I might.  But I have to be MUCH bigger to need them.

Time:  I can service 30 or so locations in a day.  I can make good money working only one day a week, because I don't have to service my machines every week.  I can wait 2, 3 or even 4 months before I services a location.

Time 2: I don't have to go to Sam's club to get product every time I need to service my machines.  I don't have to wait in line at the check out and I don't have to pay membership fees for the privilage of shopping at Sams.  I have my product shipped directly to my door.  And because I buy in a high-enough volume, I don't have to pay any shipping costs.

Taxes/Fees:  I don't have to pay taxes on my sales because each vend is below the $0.25 radar.  I don't have to license my machines, so there is a cost savings there too.

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They are good points Dperry!

Personally, my father owns an automotive workshop and he has a truck I can use. Manpower comes free too! There is plenty of storage space there, and it is always shaded. Nelson doesn't get as hot as some parts of the US!

Spoilage? If you have a good site that turns the stock over..there isn't much spoilage! Price? If ou buy bulk wholesale...you can get very cheap food and beverages. E.g. coke usually costs wholesale $1.30 - if you buy in large quantity that can be dropped to $0.80!

The conclusion I come to...is that Bulk vending is a lot easier on time, money, resources (in general) and headaches. Profit is smaller, and it takes a bit longer to make good money out of it...but in the end...if you really want some semi-passive income, then Bulk Vending is the way to go!

One isn't necessarily better than the other - they are just different. Different choices mean different consequences!

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