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NEED ADVICE: JUST purchased retro/vintage jumbo 5' 4" sparkle red


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I just purchased several retro sparkle red jumbo gumball machines. The base is 2" in diameter. Stands 5' 4". Huge globe with metal band.

The body is made out of fiberglass NOT plastic. One of the machines has a northwestern door flap. Unsure if the machine itself is an older northwestern design.

These machines have a second locking door behind the first locking door in the back of the machine for added security with a canvas money bag.

The keys are stamped wico 1396

If anyone has information on these machines that would be a great help.


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Those look nice and shiny! Here's your problem as i see it. The appeal of that style machine is the kids get to see the gumball spiral down the chute.;; However, your machine doesnt have the spiral so kids arent as entertained and less likely to use it. End result is gumballs become hard as rocks and nobody uses it.

I hope you didnt pay much for them. My advice put them on cl or ebay and dump them.

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