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Needing a Name


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I am needing some suggestions for my candy business.  I just purchased my first machine but plan to expand to several soon.  One or two machines each month or maybe every two weeks.

some things about me.

* I live in Minnesota.  * I am married * live in more rural area with several small towns around            * I was thinking of things with Sweet in it.  * I may eventually add full line vending also for some locations.  * We  have no children to name it after 

Some of my suggestions to my husband was

* Sweet  Thing   * Sweets -N- More  * Sweet Pea  * Sugar Fix   *Chocolate -N- More  * Gumball Roll 

His name he wanted is * Want to make it Vending

I said no,  I have tried lots of direct sales things and have enjoyed them but they are alot of work to add to a 50 hour work week besides.  I will be waiting for some suggestions, Thanks

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Hi naraol,

Since you asked, I put my micro-brain to work, and here is what I came up with...

Sweet Temptations

The Sweet Life

Sweet Shop

Sweets And Treats

Heavenly Sweets

Minnesota Sweets (insead of Minnesota Fats)

all followed by Vending, or Vending Services, etc...

Hope that helps.


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Thanks for all the suggestions!  They are great and now I am having a harder time picking a name.  I knew someone would like hubbies name.  He also thinks we should have something to do with Leaf Mountain that is our township, I don't know why he thinks that way.

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If I were you, I'd steer away from having the word sweets in your name. Go for a name that you can keep for a long time and represents what your all about! Whether it be "excellence" in service...or something like that.

If you used "Sweet treats" (as an example) for a name, and then expanded into full line or another type of vending, you wouldn't be able to use the same name.

Just a thought!

What about...

24/7 Direct


Quick Stop Vending

Hope this helps.

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Just an update.  I finally registered for a federal id and state id on Friday and had to come up with my final choice of names.  What I did was, I wrote down all the suggestions and a few more that we had come up with and then circeled our top few choices.  Looking for something short and easy to fit on lables and cards and such in the future.  It is "Sweet Vending", I know so generic but short.  Thanks for everyones input.

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