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Hey everybody, I'm new to the site and a rookie to the business.

Some personal information about me; I turned 21 a few months ago (March 14) and I go to school part time (extremely part-time.) I work two jobs, one in Detroit and one in a suburb called Royal Oak. I've been trying to start my own business pretty much since I got out of high school. I live in the metro-Detroit area.

I've had a couple locations over a year that have both flopped and I took over a very profitable route 3 months ago that almost feels like a second job! I enjoy it greatly. I only deal with full line vending, I have 11 machines on location and 5 I need to get rid of.

Before I was interested in business I was software oriented and I had certifications in the whole Microsoft Office Suite. I'm constantly trying to upgrade my Excel Spreadsheets containing my route information and whatnot; so hopefully I can show you guys some neat ways to use Excel when managing your routes.

Anyways thats all! Glad to be aboard!


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Hey Chris, Welcome!  I noticed your birthday is the same as my baby brother's he is a year or two older.  This board is great!

What kind of info do you put on your spreadsheet now.  I have Microsoft Excel Program just learning how to use it.

Some of the stuff I know to put on is like location, address, contact person, phone, machine, what kind of product and a spot for $ for each kind of product.  What else would you put on there.  I will be using triples and maybe doubles.

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