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Allstar Vending has been in business since 1989. We enjoy a wonderful reputation worldwide. We specialize in manufacturing our own Allstar sticker, gumball and capsule machines, as well as the stickers, tattoos and toys that vend through them. Come see us for bouncy balls, gum and candy, redemption items, machines, parts and stands. We're here to help!

Kim Segal

Marketing and Sales

Allstar Vending

514-426-1690 ext. 234

Toll Free: 800-685-7066

Fax: 514-426-5644





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I would love to have went and browsed through Allstars product, but went to the website and it doesn't show prices unless you register, can't register without a Tax ID number and all sorts of personal information, just to see their PRICING?......   I think that's a mistake on Allstars part myself to require registration before showing potential customers their pricing without having to jump through a bunch of hoops and give out their email and phone number and other personal information, only to possibly find that they're the highest priced amongst their competitors.... Allstar even be an OPTION to be my supplier because of this.  

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