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Hey all,

Not much to report yet. The 2 we have on the street is one gumball and one skittles and they are in my wife's "Blue Flame Specials" food booth that is at the local Farmer's Market on Saturday's from 8 to 12 or 1.

Considering that we only have 4 hours of exposure, I say we did good.

Skittles -- >   .75

Gumballs->  9.00

also, those gumballs sold for a dime because I do not have the second 25 cent coin Mech yet. If it had been, it would have been $22.00. Kids didn't care the price. They loved them!

Monday we will be placing 4 triples out on location in various places. I wish they would do this well!

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I know this is a monthly report, but I wanted to mention my second Saturday at the Farmer's market. 7.55. 5 dollars of which was the ten cent gumball. I think sales will be the same at a quarter, so I am going to get a 25 coin mech for the gumball head. It appears it is not a fluke. The kids eyes really light up when they see the mahcines.:D

I am hopeful for the machines I placed. I don't expect this kid of result, but am anxious to buy more and get them placed. This is a great business.

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June Report:

Ok, I have only a few machine sout, but wanted to share my progress. I have 4 on locations. 1 in my booth at the market and other fairs. 1 of the 4 I have not collected from yet.

Beauty Parlor = 17.00

Restaurant / bar = 6.25 (will replace this dud. It was the golf course I thought would do so well!)

Motel = 10.05

Fair (3 days) = 19.50

Market (4 : 4 hour Saturdays)  = 22.95

I would call this 4 machines total because I replaced the 2 single head ant the market with a triple for the fair. that also meant that I made a lot of money from my own booth. It is a good place to put a vending machine for sure!

Total 75.75 for June. yea!

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Hey all,

Been pretty busy with my j.o.b. I have not gone away though. My machines are all doing pretty well I think. I made some adjustments as I had mentioned in an earlier post. Here are my numbers for November.

Beauty Parlor -  $10.25

Laundramat -  $39.75

Beauty Parlor

(In a different town) - $18.75

Restaurant -  $38.50

Tanning Salon -  $ 20.50  <--- 18 days

Blue Flame - Closed until spring


I think I am doing well. I was really happy to roll up so much money tonight!  :D

So, average of 25.55 per machine per month...

I need more machines!

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