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I have 4 - 3 head machines total. I am placing 2 on Monday, but I am now out of money to invest since I am only using my $500 of seed money and re-investing 100%. My wife won't give me any more money to invest.:?

Humane Society $12.00/mo

Goodyear $11.00/mo

Garage $0.00 (placing tommorow) - Factory

Garage $0.00 (placing tommorow) - Community College

$62.00 of capital left to invest...Waiting for ROI so I can grow some more.

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I see many on the list that don't have a lot of machines yet. I would also love to grow faster. I had $1,000 seed money. I went a little over by the time I bought candy to fill, but, I got 3 new Seaga triples and 2 EZPro triples and a DI machine. Plus the 4 used ones.

I am very excited about the next month. If I make 2 dollars, I will have a better ROI than my 401k gave me last year!

My wife will be placing 2 Mon, 2 wed. The DI may go in on Monday also.

We are in the same boat. Take no pay, just do it as a labor of love and put all the $$ back into the pot for more machines!

Good luck to ya!

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It's a good thing to have a budget and stick to it. Being patient is easy for me being a fisherman, however in business it never comes together fast enough. I've been impatient and have kept buying machines all last year. Result 3 times in the red from original purchase of 38. I think my business is very pregnant and I'm expecting to be in the black this year. Then whooo hoo, positive cash flow every month. Like Mountain Man Munchies said, you have to love it to get to the profit land!

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