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Howdy from South Carolina!


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Hey guys,


I've been lurking these forums for a long time now and trying to shop around for a machine but I thought I might ask some folks with a little more experience before jumping headfirst into the vending business.


What are some of the advantages and disadvantages of different types of machines? Such as candy (Northwestern/Vendstar) vs full on snack/drink machines?


Where do you recommend picking up a machine from? Craigslist? Local Paper? eBay?


I've heard that with candy machines, Northwestern is king. Do you guys have any suggestions for candy machine brands?


I am just starting out and haven't even bought a machine yet so I'd like as much advice from as much people with many different points of view as possible!


Thanks in advance!



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Also, do you guys prefer snack/drink machines that take cards, or cash only?


Where do you recommend buying snacks/drinks/candy in bulk from for a beginner?


Is there also a good place to buy foreign candies in bulk? Like Asian melon and liche fruit candies?

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