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How do you want suppliers to package your order?

Rachel Rosenberg

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As a supplier,

I am curious if operators have a preference on how many bags of product come in a case.

We typically ship 2 bags of 2" in a case, and 4 or 8 to a case on 1' product.

I was talking to a customer today who said other suppliers pack very differently (even one bag to a box) and I thought that was interesting.


Is it a benefit to the operator to offer something different? or package items a certain way?



Thank you for your feedback!

Rachel @ TNT



 I think I posted this in the wrong forum, and now I cant move it. Admin, feel free to "put me in my place".! LOL

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My route isn't very big compared to a lot of people on here, and I usually buy only a couple of bags of something at a time (sometimes as much as 5 bags). So, for me, shipping cost is a huge consideration. I'd say I just want my products packaged in the most economical way possible. If it's cheaper to ship them all in one box or in several boxes, I just want the lowest cost.

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