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RTJ's vending book


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Where can I get it? I tried messaging him here but keep getting failed to deliver message?

The book is called "The Truth About Vending" by Robert J Thomason.  He's in North Carolina (or was).  I talked with him one time several years ago but I get nothing on a google search.  I know Mission has also spoken to him so maybe the Mod's could help you track him down. He does post here about every 6 months so I assume he's still around.

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I asked him to sell the book in our downloads section once but he wasn't interested. I wish he did offer it here. Would've been a great addition.

I'll send him an email with a link to this thread.

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This is hands down the best book on vending that I've come across. I refer back to it from time to time. It should be read by every type of vendor (charity, snack, machines, bulk, pro company, etc)... and preferably read before they even start or order any boxes/machines/snacks. This was the book which really opened my eyes and showed me that vending machines were not for me... but gave me the info and confidence to launch snack boxes with good success.

The most valuable part of the book is definitely the dissection of customer service issues (appearance, scripts, locating, commission, etc). He gives tons of great pearls on developing scripts, customer service to get and keep accounts, and things to consider. Even though I'm just a snack box guy, many of his same principles recommended for drink/snack accounts certainly apply to mine also.

Every other eBook I've read on vending is too short, too narrow, or just plain bad info. My only minor gripe about the RJT book is that it is a little too light on bulk vending info and too heavy on drink/snack... but I guess that is clearly the target readership. Still, easily a 9/10 rating  for this book while other books I've read are usually 5/10 at best.

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