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Extremely large accounts with mint honor boxes.


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Greetings everyone. I'm from Washington State and just discovered this vending forum. I do acrylic honor box vending full time. I currently have 650 accounts and growing rapidly. 


I'm interested in knowing how any of you service your extremely large accounts that would need to be serviced 1 or more times a week. I service my boxes no more than once every 2 weeks so I will always leave behind an extra box of York Patties and ask them to refill the mint box if it runs out. I have always figured that spending less time having to run across town to refill a few boxes is much better spent with growing the business. How do any of you do it?

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Wow, I'm just seeing this - 650 accounts! sierravending, I've communicated with others in this forum who've been extremely helpful and knowledgeable with my questions about starting my business. They're in different areas of the country, as well. Since yours is several times larger, and you're on the opposite side of the country, would you be willing to let me tap your experience?


For instance, how long you've been in acrylic honor box vending?

-Is that 650 separate accounts or 650 boxes in a smaller number of locations?

-How long did it take to grow to such a tremendous size?

-...AND, growing rapidly - what's your goal?

-How in the world do you service that many by yourself? I imagine you need a larger vehicle to do so many at a time.

-One answer I haven't been able to get: Did you start with funds to finance a lot of boxes or did you begin with a smaller number and use the revenue

  to expand?

-How did you locate - self, phone locator, or in-person - and were you able to expand as fast as you wanted using that/those method(s)?

-What are the average net revenue and theft per box(trying to see if that large a number could be similar to a smaller number of boxes)?

-Did and/or do you have to replace a lot of those?


...sorry to throw so much at you, and I have even more questions but I'll restrain. I'm really hoping you'll see this reply and respond. I've had a goal of 400, even though I've delayed my start time; but I confess I have envisioned the possibility of hundreds more and how I might handle more than 400. Thank you for any help you might offer.

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