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Locating Made Easier


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So I recently dabbled in attempting to find locations after hitting my warm leads (placing them in an after school program I used to work at), I finally hit a location for myself.

A hair salon.

Many of you struggle to find locations because locating has to deal with numbers:

The more people you see and talk to, the higher the percentage is to place your machines.

As soon as I mingled a bit with the owner and filled up the machine I said, "Well thank you again for allowing me to place the machine here... Who else do you know that owns a business where I can place a machine?"

I got another 2 locations off 1. There really isn't a need to Always cold call locations. Just ask!

Hope that helps, I use this kind of stuff in my sales job as well.

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I agree referals are great.  I really like it when we get phone calls for places wanting our services.  That does not happen too often, but its still a bonus in my book.


It sure is a bonus!


Just another reason why it's good to chat up your location managers/owners when you can.

If you aren't interfering with their work, get to know them and let them get to know you.

Before you know it, they may get you leads or flat out get you into locations because they own/manage another business or they know someone else who does.

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I got one of these today.  While on route, I got a haircut.  My barber and I were talking about vending and she asked me to bring her a candy machine for the shop.  Only a single head, but it will do good because she said she wants one to give the kids a quarter when they get their haircut, so they'll end up in my machine.  I'm going to drop it off this week.

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