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Happy surprise yesterday


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I went out to service part of my route yesterday. I stopped at a pizza place that normally does about $100/month with an 8 way rack. The rack was originaly equiped with 8 heads, 7 heads selling 1" capsuled toys and 1 head selling gumballs. Two months ago I replaced three of the heads with a 4 column flat machine. For the first two months the sales were flat and there was no increase. I went in yesterday to service and the flat machine alone had about $80 in it, and the other 5 heads looked to have sold about the normal amount I'm used to seeing. I'll count the coins today, but I'm pretty sure I'll be over $150 for this location. A very nice increase for a location that usually does $100. I hope this continues; I'd love to see this place consistently do $150 or more.

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