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rowe 5900 timer


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The Eighth Edition Rowe 5900 manual has date, time and lockout programming beginning on page 3.8.  Use this link for the manual:http://www.dsvendinginc.com/vending-machine-manuals/rowe/model-5900-snack-parts-and-service-manual.pdf


You can determine if your machine has the timer function by entering the service mode, then pressing key 7 to enter the options menu.  Now if you press key 4 and you see MMDDYY on the display, you have the date function.  If you press key 5 and you see HH.MM DAY on the display, you have the Set Time feature.  Both of these features indicate you can set a timer-based lockout for the machine.  If you don't see those results in mode 7 when pressing the 4 and 5 keys then your logic board doesn't have the software in it to run a timer feature.  If you need a board that does have that feature I can locate one for you.


If you don't have the timer feature, you can plug the machine into a wall timer designed for a lamp that allows you to preset on and off times.  This won't hurt the machine because the machine doesn't pull enough current to be damaged by that type of timer.

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