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Dixie Narco 180M-105-5 - set free vend


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Dear vending experts; 20 years ago I got a 5 select Dixie Narco Pepsi magnum machine. It still works perfect, and lately I've changed the old Pepsi design to a new Coca-Cola Zero design, including new LED lightning. This is a private machine, last time it had regular customers vas in 1989!


post-7542-0-14790800-1380976191_thumb.jpg post-7542-0-16742600-1380976197_thumb.jpg post-7542-0-37543500-1380976313_thumb.jpg


The question is; some years ago I got to know a trick that makes the vend set to free(no coins). It was to make  a short circuit in the relay (photo) with a paper clip (?)




I can't remember what wires to select, could someone please help me?




Jorgen, Norway

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Don't know about paper clip. Except to push wire #10 out after removing credit relay. Then push #71 out. Here is the part I can't remember. I think you reinsert the #71 where #10 was and tape up #10. Or it might be vice versa. Maybe this will spark a mind or 2


Make sure to unplug vendor.. Oh and this would be on a D/N

I need a coke sign for a D/N 276 MC where did you get yours?

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