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Scored a free full size Coke machine - NOW WHAT?!


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Lucky me, just scored a free Coke machine for my garage!  I think it is a Vendo 480, inside it says "Basic unit 480."


There are some cans underneath the rollers but none above.  I was told it works perfectly, but plugging it in shows all of the "out" buttons being lit even though there are cans underneath.  It does get cold and all of the lights work.


This is just for personal use, in my home garage, so can I set it to being free?  I want to load with water bottles and such for the kids, plus beer obviously, bottles if possible.  I believe I need to make some settings to get it to vend the various sizes.


Where should I start?  Do I need to load cans above those rollers for it to now show that it is out of drinks?


Anywhere for a manual out there?  Is this even something I can set myself or should I hire someone (I am not opposed to hiring someone to set it up for the various can/bottle/water/gatorade sizes I want in it.)

Thanks for the help!

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That is a multiprice Vendo machine that will handle 12 oz cans up to 20 oz bottles.  It is more complicated than a can-only single price machine, but you can get it to work for you.  The manual is available on Vendoco.com and should be the Univendor2 manual.  Download the Coke version since their programming is a little different than the other versions.  Read through it and follow the instructions for setting your prices to zero for free vending. 


The setup of your columns won't be addressed in the manual as it is specific to the products you will use.  You do have to have products filled one row above the rotor in each column to actuate the sold out paddles in the fronts of the columns.  You don't want to do glass bottles in the machine, so plan on cans up to 16 oz.  The setup of each column will depend on what product you will use in each, and said setup will consist of rear spacer setting, motor cam setting, side spacer install if needed and gauge bar setup. 


After reading the manual and deciding what products you will vend, post those details here and we can help you.  If you need parts such as side shims or clips for the gauge bars, I have those in stock and you can PM me for details on purchasing.

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The good news, I got the Coke machine running, taking coins and dollars, and vending cans.    There was a really large plug inside that was loose, I plugged it in and a light next to the dollar box came on and it started working.


The bad news is that I let it run for an hour and it never got cold (checked with a remote grill thermometer and the temperature never changed.)


I felt the brass tube that leads from the lower compressor up to the upper radiator-looking thing, and that brass tube was cold.  It wasn't freezing cold like covered in ice, but at least it was cold so it's working at least a little.


Question - how long does a Coke machine take to get cold?


Also, the display isn't working at all.  Any ideas?


I may just pay to have someone come out and service it. Add freon?  Fix that display?  Maybe even set it up for bottles and such.  What's the best way to find a service person who won't cost an arm and a leg given this is just for personal use?

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If it's any where near properly charged you should get a frost line only in the top right corner of the evaporator in the cabinet.  When the pressurized gas in the capillary tube expands in the 1/4" tube it gets very cold and frosts up.  The machine will be cold in one hour in most cases.  You probably need to get it recharged. 


If the display isn't on, you may need to turn on power to the logic board with the toggle switch on the right edge of the logic board box (if one is there) or down by the compressor.  However, if you have power to your validator and coin mech, that power is already on.  The display has a small harness that plugs in on the top right corner of the display.  There is a red plug on the end of the harness.  The other end is the same red plug and is connected to the logic board.


If you need a new display for this, I have them in stock and can ship one to you.  To find a competent vending repairman, check with anyone who advertises in the yellow pages as distributing vending machines.  They will have their own tech or will know a good one to refer to you.  If the compressor needs to be recharged and there isn't an access port already brazed onto a compressor stub, then a line tap will have to be installed.  Unfortunately Vendo didn't generally leave enough of a stub to add the line tap to, so the unit may need to be removed from the machine so the access port can be added.  In that case the unit will be evacuated and recharged on the bench as well.


Post where you are and another member here might be able to refer someone to you.

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I live in Sterling, VA, pretty close to Dulles Airport.  If anyone knows a repair person who can come to my house, or better yet if you ARE a repair person :) that would be great!


I'm pretty sure it needs a recharge, I just turned it on again and will let it run for the next 1.5 hours until I have to leave the house to check again anyway.  I want to get that display working, I want to get the prices set to free, and I may need it set up to dispense the various bottle sizes I want to put in it.


Shoot me an email if anyone is interested (scutchins@gmail.com).  Thanks!

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