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3,600 members today! $25 coupon


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Today we hit 3,600 members (again). I say again because each year we have been pruning our member list to eliminate non-posting members.

To celebrate our 3,600th member, I figured I'd give away another $25 coupon for our locator store. I will award the coupon code to the author of post #17 in this thread. Consecutive posts not counted. I'm hoping to get a better response to this giveaway than the 8 entries for the box of Duck Dynasty stickers.

Even if you don't use locators, you can still benefit from this prize if you win. (Classifieds? ;))

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I wonder what number I was when I joined?

You were 1,808 Bub, but not out of 3,600. We actually had 7,571 members join but due to yearly pruning, the number stands at 3,600.

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I agree, most forums don't prune so they can keep a monster member list when maybe less than 1% are active.




We've all seen those pitiful ones that list like 1400 members.

But, only 300 or so are "active".

And even then, less than 10 of those 300 members post on a regular basis.

May as well be talking to yourself at those places...

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