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USI 3014A Redone


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USI 3014A from a ugly snack vendor to a nice location ready snack machine


Digital readout bad. Got one from TSA for $125.00 along with a FREE tuff front


Removed ugly lights on side and installed LED from Lowes $35.00


Total $160  plus 3 hours labor $150 plus $150.00 pickup and delivery = $460.00


Other options could be $175.00 to make MDB ready. Then you could use a C/C, recycler, 5 tube changer with $1 tube excepting 1's 5's 10's and 20's  





Ugly Lights




Led from Lowes $35.00




Cut old plug off of light fixture . This is 110 Volt plug make sure your new light is 110v




All wired up and ready for install...




Double sided tape makes it permanent.




Fantastic lighting





Finished product. Just fill and service.  

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No.... You just find 110v in machine and wire it in. No more ballast or starters and less electrical interference with the vendor.

Looks good Roger.

I never seen any led lights like that at Lowes. Will have to look better next time I go.

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