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Good lead that I can not use. Want it?

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I know a lady that is in the food service management of her company out in Atlanta/Midtown area.  She is thinking about, but has not commited to the decision, to get rid of her current Vending Machine company.  She asked me to find her someone that would run a professional vending service for her company, someone that will show up once a week.  There is only one break room that has vending machines since most workers at this company usually spend ther money at the neighboring restaurants.


Currently there are 2 machines, one machine has cold food, and drinks that are under Pepsi Co. umbrella (Ocean Spray, Amp energy, etc) with the exception of Milk.  The milk is a mus for this account it appears.  The machine is top of thel ine, looks great, and they won't want someone to bring in a clunky machine to replace this one because this is a large company with hundreds of employees.  There aren't too many soda drinks in this machine since like most companies in the area, the employees get free drinks via fountains.

Anway, the snack machine is top of the line as well.  The machine has a sensor on it to ensure a product drops.  It also looks great too.

Can anyone recommend someone that I can send her way?  I'd be grateful if I can help her out, and if I can give a free lead to someone, I'd be happy.

Please message me with your contact info, and your name, and your business name.  The right person should be service oriented, ready to have the machines serviced immediately if your machine goes down for any reason, and willing to keep an open ear in case they want new products to try from time to time.

Thank You and Come Again.

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