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Is this a good deal - $3500 for 10 locations


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I am a newbie exploring getting into the Bulk Candy Business.


Have done a fair amount of research - all theory at this point.


So, am looking for practical advice.


I had a guy contact me from craigslist ad about $3500 for 10 locations with machines - looks like they are vendstar machines because he sent me an info video that talked about vendstar machines.


Is this a good starter deal?


Or should I try it out more on my own to start?


Is there a better way to get into this business?




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$350 per location for Vendstars is a total ripoff!  No, to give you an idea what you could build a similar route for...no more than $50 for the machine and $25 locating fee = $75 per location and about $25-30 candy start-up cost.  You're looking at about $100 per machine start-up cost, which would be $1000 for ten.


Of course there may be some great locations included, which would make the route worth a little more, but I don't know the numbers.  So, if I were interested, it'd be more around $800.  I'm guessing he/she probably bought the machines new and paid way too much for them in the first place and thinks they can get that money back.

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Way too much unless they can show you verifiable sales in the 750-800 or more per month and the machines are in great shape.

I have been averaging $30-$35 for used triples (1800 / Routemasters / Seaga) most in ok condition some 4-5 years old still brand new in box and some will be used for parts. Some cases they have already been on location making money

Keep looking for better deals, there is a lot of them On Craigslist

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