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How do you do Sirs and Madams

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I am new to bulk vending and stumbled onto this forum a couple weeks back. I have been reading old threads like a maniac since then! Im from Rochester, NY and I have wanted to try vending for a long time now. I finally pulled the trigger when I bought 49 heads and 23 pipe stands on Craigslist for $500. Now, they were mostly brand new BUT they were the dreaded biz-op machines!! I didn't know what the heck biz-op was and it seemed like a steal so bada bing I bought them.

They are "Revive" mint machines. Someone told me they are "Beaver Clones". I need to get some pics up because I would love to know for sure what I'm dealing with. They all have $.50 mechs but I really need some $.25 mechs for them. I just bought (7) $.25 mechs from another forum member that are Beaver so hopefully they will work!

My "real" work is a dog walking/pet care business that I own. I'm also a 10 year veteran of the U.S. Army (3 active years, 7 reserve years) so I manage to keep pretty busy! Anyhow, love the site, great info, and thanks for having me! If anyone has any info on the biz-op "Revive Mint" machines please let me know. I look forward to soaking up all the knowledge I can!


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