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Vendo 511


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I've got a Vendo 511



That has a broken plastic coin return lever piece inside the machine.


Here is a picture of it detached from the machine.



I need it plus the spring that attaches it to the front of the machine, because it popped off when it broke & I cant find it.


I would also like to upgrade the Coinco BA30B to a MEI VN2511 series validator.    I am currently using a Coinco 9300-L (I think?) & need know what I wiring / brackets / parts I need to upgrade the validator?

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I have the c/r crank, as it's called, in stock as well as the c/r spring.  Is the machine using the MDB protocol or do you actually have a micromech coin mech such as a 9300L?  If MDB you would have a 9302GX or TRC6512.  Since you have a BA30, you could be MDB or micromech as the later BA30's could do both.  If MDB you will need to use a VN2502 with a MDB harness on it.  If the machine is currently micromech then you need the VN 2501 with a power pigtail and the proper Vendo harness for Mars, which might be in the machine already.  I can provide all the parts once you determine what setup you currently have.

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Good call, as the only thing to use these days is MDB.  All my machines that are MDB have either a Guardian or Mars 5 tube (Bumblebee) changer and Mars validators. I love the fact that the new validators take $!0 & $20.  Not many use them for a soda but occasionally they do and I have the sale.


The micromech's have so much age on them it is hard to keep them running for any period of time.  I have boatloads of Coinco Mech's and validators and Mars changers sitting in boxes.  I also have boxes of single price that are validator capable sitting in boxes.


I hate to throw things out because as soon as I do that, I need a part and it costs twice as much to replace.


I will never use the Coinco validators again but I just can't get myself to get rid of them.  Every once in a while a distributor will take them in on trade.

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