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Regarding River Bend Locators


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This post is to inform our members about my decision to remove River Bend Locators from our locator store. I know many of you have complained about RBL's lack of communication. That lack of communication has extended to TVF as well. Shawn has not logged on to the forum in almost 30 days and in the last week, all communication from him has ceased. Including required communications that must occur to remain a participant in the locator program. As such, I had no other choice but to remove RBL's listings from our store and bar them from further participation in our program.


For those of you who have outstanding orders with RBL, I will offer you the following options...


  • If you purchased your locations directly, good luck.
  • If you purchased your locations through our store and you submitted your work order to RBL, you must wait until the 30 day work agreement expires. If you do not hear from RBL at the 30 day mark, contact me to initiate your refund.
  • If you purchased your locations through our store and you DID NOT submit any work order information to RBL, you are entitled to an immediate refund. Please contact me to initiate your refund.


Be advised that I will attempt to verify all refund claims through RBL and will give them an appropriate time frame to answer all claims. Please be patient while this process takes place.


In closing, I would like to take this opportunity to highlight something very important we can take away from this. The actions of RBL should leave us all very thankful for this new locator escrow service. It just goes to show you that no matter how well a locator has performed in the past, or how much you trust them, anything can happen and many people can lose a lot of money before word about the locator spreads to the rest of the community. Thankfully, those of you who trusted in TVF, and this service, will not lose a dime. What we have just witnessed with RBL is the very reason is why this program exists.


On another note, LRU is still participating and doing quite well based on some recent ratings and reviews. I encourage anyone receiving a refund for RBL services to use their credit towards an LRU location.


As always, we are continually looking for more participants for the program. Please let your favorite locator know that you would prefer to do business with them through this program.

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