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gumballs outside


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Anyone have experience with gumballs in an outside location?  Looking for success or fail stories.


I've had a gas station with an outside machine for about a year.  Toys won't sell but GBs sell like crazy, I'm just not sure it's smart to keep selling a food product in an outside machine, even though the owner insists on GBs.  Winter is coming (Boston) which makes it safer (no bugs) but will the GBs be frozen and inedible?


Thanks,  -Dave


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I've got a tire shop that does a crazy amount in GB each month.

It's kept in the enclosed garage at night but they pull it out to the outdoor customer area for me each morning.

So it's never in a heated or air conditioned area.


The customer area where it sits all day is completely outdoors except for it being covered by a metal roof.

I've had some GB go bad quickly because of weather (hot AND cold).

I've also had a couple machines take a beating over the years...but only a couple.

So, overall nothing to complain about.

If this were not as big a money-maker as it is, I'd probably not keep it there.

But, with what I net there monthly I could buy a whole new machine, stand, and box of GB with that profit...so I'm not letting the weather ruin that gravy train.

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