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'Up-cycling' potato chip bags (as opposed to recycling)


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Check this out:




One of my concerns with vending is the huge amount of trash associated with it.  (Sorry, can't help it, I'm a climber and mtn biker and my playgrounds keep getting smaller : )  I found this cool link with Frito-Lay.  I'm sure others do it too.  


Anyway, thought some of you guys and gals would think it was interesting.  I was also curious if anyone else did anything to promote recycling or this so called 'upcycling'. 





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I didn't read it that way.  It sounds to me that anyone could send in the chip bags.  It would just happen to be the vendor if you chose to set aside a collection box.  They pay for the shipping.


They seem to be making a profit off the bags. 


I just can't see how they could make a profit if they DONATED two cents to charity.  That wasn't my point though.  My point was that I am worried about WHO is going to be paying those two cents!

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We can both agree on your last point.  However, charities are common sources of tax write-offs for many businesses.  I agree that too many businesses are built such that they are hard to distinguish between a good business and one that is subsidized.  


From the website, they seem to sell purses, for example, that use the chip bags.  This is the profit I was talking about.  If the company can make money doing this, then they are innovators.


I didn't want to go down a political path, just curious if anyone else finds ways to get rid of the packaging besides throwing it away.  

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