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Eagle Talon Skill Crane Claw Questions


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I am trying to get into amusement vending with cranes because there are 3 malls close to me that do not have any cranes in them. This would be my first crane so I have a few questions.

Is the Eagle Talon Crane a good machine?

And how much wold you value it at?

I found one on eBay that is close to me so I wouldn't have to pay for shipping and it is $695. Is this a good price for it? It looks like it is in very good condition. The measurements for it are 31W x 76T x 36D

Thanks for your help!

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I have two for sale at the moment  both on eBay

and for sale on here   (Michigan)


They are a Good crane,    Standard units have a  rotary dial to adjust the claw  strength and volume control


The front panels are removable to get thru  Most business doors.


Most will come with a Dollar bill acceptor


The main thing you want to test in person is the gantry claw movements


check the wires on the gantry for wear and tear


with the Stock motherboards  They are voltage Sensitive and will restart randomly

over and over if there is a problem with them Or if there is a problem with the switches or wires it will reset


At startup a untied crane will go LEFT- RIGHT- Claw To Home....  then in about 10 seconds it will go do a Tease Attraction mode

Before you buy one leave it plugged in for at least 10 minutes and see if it resets.




Grayhound, Untied Textiles, Talon, are all the same manufacturer

they were based out of new jersey



I have 2 for sale on eBay and On the Message Board here


Both of mine have newer Jernie  Upgraded Motherboards 

They are digital controls,  Auto-Percentage and Custom Sounds

And are not voltage sensitive And keep accurate bookkeeping  

Easy programming via the joystick for claw, volume, price, Commission Etc.

And allow play till you win for ball crane use.


And I can deliver curbside for a flat fee. 



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