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October Top Sellers


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1.1" - $.25


CA Gold

Ninja Men

Moustache Disguise

Glow sticks

Treasure Chest



1.1" - $.50


Silver Stone Rings

Punch Balloons

Yin Tang Jewelry



2" - $.50


Birthstone Bears ( Pre order )

NFL cups

NFL tabletop footballs

Fling its

Yoyo balls



2" - $ .75


SpongeBob Yoyo balls

NFL football puzzle erasers

Adv. Time Slap bracelets

Hood Hounds 2 ( non-mixed ) ( on sale)

Bling / Funny Teeth mix 



2" - $1.00


NFL helmets

NFL dog tags

Eye Popper Ducks ( non-mixed )

Animal Poppers

Smurfs figurines


Flat Vend


NFL footballs

NFL Helmets

NFL Logos

NFL Vintage

DC Heros stickers

DC Heros tattoos




Self Vending


Self Vending mix

Sports balls

SpongeBob balls

SpongeBob foam

NFL Buildable figures






5 Knobby balls

small Christmas

large Christmas

Duck Dynasty Funko Pop! figures

large Xoddo




Prize Kits


MP4 box

MP3 box

MP3 in a long box

NFL hanging kit

Best hanging kit



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Thank you for the info Are you able to tell us how many boxes of birth stone is back ordered ?

530 out of Maryland, California currently has 60 boxes on hand with no back orders. There will be another shipment of bulk from China arriving sometime between Thanksgiving week and the first week of January.

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