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Playstation 4 Xbox 1


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PlayStation 4 release was midnight last night


I got 4 on a super deal


$399.99  plus tax


-15% discount code

-10% employee discount card   (borrowed from relative)


$320.00 out the door





Already got them in Keymaster's   super stackers and barber cuts


I got 10 empty boxes from people that were in the line with me for six hours as well

I paid $10- $15  Per Box


So I cant wait for the teens to start putting in $20s




Xbox one is Thursday Night at Midnight    $500.00 plus tax...





Start Planning now to buy empty boxes and try to get 2




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what size is that box?


look at my gallery at the boxes i been making, I got the vinyl large format printer i use to print wraps for my arcade games and pushers.. i dont know how you guys get pics to post on you posts ,i cant seem to do it..ill try this


did you know a box of gain washing powder is same size as that new 18v lithium battery bosch drill? did you know a box of crunch n munch is same size as ps vita?? and that dollar tree has gift box that is white and same size as ipad box?


i need to make a ps4 boxes is seems if this is gonna drive sales..


still the one most people play for in mine is the Ipad, the $500 visa card, and the las vegas vacation..

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