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Dixie narco 501 display problem

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Dixie Narco 501 with SII board.

This machine is showing (rrrr) across the display all the time. Gives and takes change perfectly, display harness is in good shape. All cables appear to be plugged in properly. Everything functions correctly except the display. What could cause this?


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These are the things to try:

1. Press any select button for five seconds and see if the display goes normal.

2. Turn power off for one minute, power on and see if it's fixed.

3. Check for good power connection in barrel connector in lower left corner of cabinet.

4. Check for good connections at both ends of the display harness.

5. Empty one column and see if your sold out light comes on Or you get a sold out message when pressing that selection.

6. If you get a sold out indicator, you have a bad logic board.

7. If there's no sold out indicator remove the board and open the case. Check the connector between the top and bottom board.

8. If you still have rrrr then you have a bad display or a bad logic board.

If you need a new board or display board, shoot me a PM and I can ship one to you.

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