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TKK 2013


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Well i saw the post "my first 10 months" and it inspired me to write an update into my vending venture. so go grab a cofee and come back...


a year and a half ago i had just gotten fired from being a salesman. i was doing good selling used cars. i was working looong shifts...8-8 and sometimes 8-11 m-saturdays. yes sometimes id make good money. one month i made 7k. but sometimes id make a measly 1500.


i saw we always had vending machines. and i saw an oriental couple come in and service an 8 head u turn. i saw them pour out a ton of quarters, and i thought wow. im here waiting for customers, and these dudes r sitting on their a$$ and just come collect this money. within 2 weeks i had boughten a couple of triple head machines. placed them within a week. then scared of doing this on my own, i told my buddy to join me. we put in like $1800 together, and bought about 50 triples. long story short, he was too busy to help service it, and it wasnt fair for me to do everything and do 50/50. i sold the 30 i had on location (were making about $800 a month), for about 8k. i then bought an old polyvend and crappy 7up in a location (low income aptments) and it was making like $500 then. i loved it. so i bought about 10 used machines, all single priced, and not top notch machines. placed them almost anywhere that said YES. all 10 machines were making crap. about $1100 a month, id get jams, vandalism, etc. then, the owners of the house we were renting, the guy was a manager at a dairy place/factory. i asked him if they had machines, he said yeah. so i left it alone. a month later he asked me to take the house payment to his job. i went, and he asked me about my machines. he said if i could keep the same pricing id be in.. so i said yes. i didnt, i actually had higher pricing but i told him i had better/bigger products. he said thats ok. the previous company was paying them 10% and he showed me the stubs. $80,90 etc. i was like hell yeah! so i set them up and was getting sold out everytime. then i trippled columned the coke and it was perfect. everytime i service it it is about to empty. i then got a great deal on a laundromat chain, 5 locations. then got a couple more.


i sold all my crappy locations aything under $200 a month


i have probably spent $30,000 in this business. BUT thats including 13 snack machines and 2 coke machines in my garage.

to top it off, i sold the crappy locations for $9,000. the bulk route for $8,000. a seaga in location for $2,700, and about 6 machines for about $5,000. so i have 0 debt for my business.


i started with a $20 magna kart to service, about 6 dollies later and pallet jacks, i now have a dutro dolly which moves everything. i use my lifetd nissan frontier and a 4x14 trailer i bought to move machines. i had no trailer, then a 4x5, then a 7x10, then finally my 4x10.


started servicing in my hatchback vw gti, bought a ford ranger, then a honda crv, then a chevy astro, and recently a 2009 chevy box truck.


i was working out of my parents garage, then the house we were renting, then a 15x10 storage unit, then finally we bought our own home, and i built a 10x14 shed where most of my machines are stored.


income went from $800 a month in bulk, to $1,200 a month, to $1,500 a month, back down to $900 a month. then rose up to where its at currently

$7,000-$9,000 a month. thats only 11 accounts. about 26 machines. about 7 of them are combos. all accounts require about 100 miles a week. 1 day a week, sometimes 2 if im lazy.


in december sales dropped to about $8,100 november $8,500

i keep 55%. my cogs are at only 29%. i swapped all high cog items off for better marginal products. no chocolates for me! i also buy some product from mexico, i go once a month, i get snacks that sell for $1.25 and i pay .25c! some i pay .14c and sell for .85! laundromats, i sell capri suns that are .15c for $1. waters the members mark are 9c sell for $1.cokes .75-$1.  the other 16% goes to taxes, gas, and leaving in the business act.


i have not been the best at keeping track of everything as ive been doing transactions all year to ahcieve this. buying and selling, etc.


i am trying to get another 2k a month in accounts which shouldnt be too hard, then ill work 2 days a week full time, like 9-6pm


i received $500 gift card from sams for spending $25,000 in 2013! it was awesome! unexpected.


so by buying and selling, getting great deals, locally, and towns away, i was able to have a $85,000-$110,000 a year business, for free prety much.




The hardest was taking the plunge in something i knew nothing about, something everyone thought was dumb, and couldnt possibly make any money. it now pays my bills and will help my girlfriend with her nursing school, and im almost done with business. im 26. i hate talking to people about my business i just tell them it is ok. everyone i know and their mothers want to get into vending when they see how im doing.



find something you like, find a way to get paid for doing it, and youll never work a day in your life!


and i want to thank EVERYONE ON HERE. without tvf i would have NOT kept in this business. i was inspired, especially in the revenue section. and ive received sooo much help here. its priceless.


here are some pics of progress.


what started it






the first location i had. i still have it lol



how my sams cart looked at the begining of 2013



how my sams cart looks now (once a week)



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how my cash looked



how it looks now, bankers dont like me they thought i was a stripper or something, and the guards think im dollying a bomb lol




when hostes went down



heres the ranger i bought for the business cant really see it, and my gti which i used too


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all the routes purchased, or machines in locations, i have been able to raise the prices, AND drop cogs. people use traditional stuff. 20 candy bars, chips, and pastry. also the location that was making $800 with the previous vendor, with lower prices, has been a stable $1300-$1500 a month. thats removing ALL chocolates, and traditional candy!

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Yes I wanTed to do the clixk and pull at sams and just load the full months product once instead of wasting so much gas, plus its a pita to load things

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They do this for all products. Click & pull, schedule a pick up, go to service counter and pay bill... go to receiving and they will load you. Order by 5PM and it is ready at 7AM following morning.

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And a pita. I load the pallet kart thing and have to manuver around all retardedly. I will do this asap. So they also wrap it? I could take my 14x4 trailer as long as its wrapped.

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And a pita. I load the pallet kart thing and have to manuver around all retardedly. I will do this asap. So they also wrap it? I could take my 14x4 trailer as long as its wrapped.

Yes, just leave a message in the space provided while placing your order that you would like your order placed on a pallet and wrapped tightly.

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Maybe it's just me and the start of yet another year , but I'd love 2014 recap/update of how you year and new growth went Tkk

Not just you. This was a great thread.
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