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Mini claw machine question


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I would suggest looking at the Candy House Crane which is a Feioli product, fantastic machine where theres lots of kids onsite. Machine allows up to  3 product selections for instance I have the machine set at $2 per game play till you win mode with 3 different prizes such as lollies, bouncy balls or 2 in capsuled toys.

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There is a few micro mini cranes out there


Mr. Vaccum  is one

Lil Diamond by smart is another


These are very small wall mount cranes or pedestal cranes


Then the next size is 24x24 size     that's a candy house..  candy shoppe , route 66 crane


The normal size for a crane seems to be 31 inch 

and there is Smart.. coastal amusements.. coast to coast makes some

ICE, benchmark acme..




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