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Impulse Industries Coin Well Charity aka Coin Funnel..


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All metal construction

3 graphic styles or make your own graphics..

Custom charity logos..

Huge.. coin collection area

Did I say Huge... I mean HUGE.. see pictures..

On wheels but firm solid on floor at rest. 

Easy to move   comes apart in 3 pieces if needed.

1: Coin box

2: Main Shell

3 Side toppers are removable for door size issues.


Spiral is all metal with 4 slides for coins.. Bottom hole is protected by X metal of coin boxes..  see pictures..

so no one can reach in and get coins back.


2 MEDCO high security locks  Screw in type.  similar to T-handle


Coin box is on its own set of wheels so you can move it to collect all coins out of view or weight of coin issues.

Coin box is divided into 4 separate metal Collectors with carry handles.


Graphics have lasted two years no problems





People put junk down the spiral..

Suckers...matchbox.. food.. Bouncy balls..  gum...drinks.. etc.. tokens.. anything really.

And just a FYI... A 49 mm bouncy ball will jam the bottom hole... you will have to take a drywall screw and pliers to get it out..

only happened once.


Odd finds?  22 rounds..   got them before the coin counter did... lol

Dents?   panels are replaceable  but I have had 3 units with no dents or problems. 

I was first worried about abuse and dents    but they are built like tanks.. so no problems so far..


Will do ok on its own  but a charity increases income 10x



Overall its a win machine.. no product... no cost of goods.. and it makes money.

IF!!!  you have a location that's large enough for one.


Cost ?  Depends on how many retail is $2000.00   


Fair $1800.00

I am buying 10 of them  $1400-$1600 each


My only mistake was I didn't get the custom charity logos I went for the graphics they had... racer and scientific..

Spend the extra for the charity logos....  more money to be made.







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WOW awesome. I couldn't think of any location large enough for one of these in my whole state! Maybe one of our malls would work.

Yeah I got one of these in my shop that I got for next to nothing, I got the one with race car graphics. Anyone interested in it I would let it go for $650. Located in north Florida.

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