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Best Sellers for January


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1.1" - $0.25 capsules


Ninja Fighters

CA Gold

Moustache Disguise

Funny Monkeys


1.1" - $0.50 capsules


Punch Balloons

Glow Sticks ( 2)

Bok Choy Boy


2" - $0.50 capsules


Birthstone Bears

Yoyo Balls

Fling Shots

Punch Balloons

Galaxy Goo


2" - &0.75 capsules


SpongeBob Yoyo Balls

Adv. Time Slap Bracelets

Warner Bros. Slap Bracelets

Zombie Figures

Bling Teeth/Funny Teeth Mix


2" - $1.00 capsules


Lalaloopsy Pencil Toppers

Smurf Figures

DC Heroes Pocket Projectors

Eye Poppers

DC Heroes String Dolls ( returning in June )


Flat Vend


Trendy Nails Tattoos

NFL Vintage Stickers

NBA Logo Stickers

DC Heroes Stickers

Looney Tunes Money Stickers

Gears and Zippers Tattoos

Liquid Skin Tattoos


Self Vending


1.1" Self Vending Mix

SpongeBob Wacky Rollers

SpongeBob Foam Balls

1.1" Soccer Balls

DC Heroes Buildable figure ( new series, possibly returning in the summer )

Spongebob Buildable Figures

1.1 " Puzzle Balls




5' Knobby Balls

Large Valentine

Large $2.25 mix

Family Guy Balls

Small $1.30 mix

Small $1.10 mix

Large Goolis

5" Germies ( returning in March )



Double Bubble audio speakers

Candeez Reeces headphones

Candeez Sweettarts Headphones

Smoke Headphones

Color Curve Headphones

Angry Birds 3" capsules

Basic mix 3" capsules

Basic mix 4" capsules

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