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lypc tough pro


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This is one of my posts on the same subject that was covered earlier this month


LYPC- RHYNO  Vendstar.... all the same



Rhino Machines coin mechs jam...

don't dispense products 5% of the time and they break easily


And I constantly take locations from people who run them I get about 2 accounts per month..



EVERYTIME I walk in with a sales pitch and I see a Rhino... LYPC or these you listed from gumball machine warehouse I Laugh..  

And 99% of the time Owner is sick of complaints and miss vends and refunds... 

easy target for a better machine vendor..

I tell the owners... these are a cheep knockoff of a REAL bulk vending machine and are garbage..


Let me bring in a Beaver Rack..


For the same price range you can get A&A, OAK, BRAND NEW!   

Great machines and same or close to same prices!

Pick up the phone... call them for prices... they will give them to you..  


Or even spend a little more on a machine that will outlast you..   Beaver... northwestern...


I don't understand why They would save $30.00 and buy crap machines that will last 2 years 

compared to spending $30.00 more on one that will last 50 Years..


The hardest part is keeping a Good Location is keeping the owners happy...   


Keep the owners happy and I or others who know what to buy don't take the location from you with ease..

its much harder to talk a owner into switching to me when there is a A&A, Beaver or northwestern rack in place.. unless its not maintained.



So, your call..


Another important Thing to keep in mind is...



A&A...    10 year span...  parts?    maybe a lock... new globe if hazy... $14.00 in parts..


Cheep knockoff?  10 year span...  IF YOUR LUCKY..    3 coin mechs..   $80.00   2 wheels... $20.00   lock? $3.00  New Globe  $11.00  Plus downtime... and lost incomes.. 

Lost locations?  PRICELESS!


Using cheep machines only does one thing.. 

Burning bridges for real operators by annoying the owner...  

Aka Vendstar Desease... OR V.D... to the owner.  

Then that location is locked out forever..    Ive had bulk vending it didn't work out.. always broken... cant change their minds.. never filled it... V.D..

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