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Hello from Baltimore!


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Hello! I found this site by searching for general vending information. I've been thinking of trying to start a vending business for a few years, but have seriously started my research in the past few months and I'm almost read to start officially looking for a location for my first machine. I'm on a small budget to start and looking to place just one candy machine with the hopes of expanding hopefully in the not so distant future. I'm a self employed graphic designer and mom to a little boy, and would like additional income. I want to stay self employed and would like to involve my son (he is eight years old) as much as is age-appropriately possible.


I have a draft of my contract together, I know where to get a license for my machine, and right now I'm trying to figure out the best way possible to approach business owners and ask about placing my machine. I have a few places to start with in mind that I am a regular customer at and I hope that familiarity will help my cause!


I'm eager to see what I can learn here! :)


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