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American changer ac6000


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Just got in 3 of these units


2 work fine   

they have dual coin-co bill acceptors and 2 hoppers


the other 1 has a few issues


1 hopper will work for a minute or two then it shuts off when idle

1 coinco mag50bb DBA  will only take the dollar in a inch or two and spit them back out

1 coinco mag50BB  keeps flashing once   stacker full error


I Cleaned the stacker motor and sensor but it still gives the same error

I hate coinco DBA   give me a mars anyday



What are these worth as a FAST sale price ?



I want to sell them I like rowe better






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They are 2006-2008?


they were in a FEC that closed around 2008-09


they say tokens but that can be re-stickered


there's 2 hoppers in each etc..



sells a $40.00 adapter cord to switch them to mars DBA..


Make a offer on them I need them gone


I have a loading dock to save on shipping and I can palletize and black no see thru shrink wrap here

I can barely get three on a pallet  with no space in-between them


1000 lbs. from 48180 with loading dock no lift gate needed

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