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Merlin IV 3 Button Programing


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I have replaced the board in this machine, it came with prices set at .10, you have to enter a four digit password to get to the password protected mode to set the price.  The company I purchased it from said 4231, but it doesn't work.  They can't help me, but I can send it back, but I really need the machine working.  The serial number and model number have been painted over, its a used machine, the number on the EEPROM Chip is 67100-3.  Any help will be most appreciated. 


My husband and I have been in the vending business since 2009, we started with Lance Snack machines and in the past 2 years have added another route with drink machines and have added drink machines to several other locations.


Thanks bunches,


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To access the programming beyond the primary menu, you move to the word PASS on the display.  At that point there are two possible ways to enter the password. 


1. At PASS, press 4 and the display goes blank.  Now press 2,3,1 and 4 again as an enter key.  If you now see the secondary menu, you're in.


2. At PASS, press 4 and the display goes blank.  Now press 4,2,3,1 and if you see the secondary menu you are in.


The 4 key, when used as an enter key, is pressed before OR after the password itself, so you have to try both ways if you aren't successful.  If neither of these methods works, then the password is corrupted or has been changed to something unknown and you will have to do a master reset of the board.  In that case call Royal tech support and have them explain the master reset to you. 


If you find that you can enter the secondary menu and change prices, but the prices won't hold in memory if the power is off (you should test this) then you may have a bad memory or battery on the board.  In that case the board will have to be exchanged.


Send me a PM if you need parts for this.


PS:  I just reread the title of your post and you say this is three button programming.  If so, your 3 key will be the enter button.  Perhaps this isn't 3 button programming but is really 4 button programming.  If so, my original instructions should work.

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