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DN 5591 Bottle Drop Machine leaking


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Hey yall


I have a DN 5591 and I have it plugged up for over a month and had been cooling great (33-37 degrees)


I noticed today that it started leaking....I looked behind it and noticed the condensation pan was filled all the way up


Is there suppose to be wicking/ sponges in the pan?......it is very close to the fan



Next Question.....It has 2 fans .....the fan on the Left side works....but the fan on the right side has NEVER came on since I got it. (over a month ago)


How is the machine staying so cool if it only has 1 fan? Very confusing.



Does anyone know where I can purchase another DN5591 for anther location? (at a good price)




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Both fans should be working and you apparently have it in a cool location if the machine isn't running extremely long during a cooling cycle.  Not replacing the fan can potentially reduce the life of the compressor as well as contribute to long cooling cycles.  The excess condensation is due to excess moisture in the machine.  If you have had recent rains that have raised the humidity or if you have developed an air leak into the cabinet you will get more condensation than normal.


Potential air leaks are the holes in the side wall that the wiring passes through (should be sealed with plumbers putty and includes one hole next to the power box in the back wall for the evaporator wiring), the seal around the glass door is torn or the door hinge is loose, or there is missing gasket material around the perimeter of the recovery unit (delivery bin).


There are no sponges put into the drain pan as the air from the fans helps to evaporate the water.


The bad condensing fan is easy to replace and I can supply one to you if you send me a PM.  I also have a 5591 in stock for sale but you probably don't want to pay the freight to get it to you. 


You should check with your local Craigslist or with any used equipment dealers or even vending companies to try locating one close to you.

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