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Ideas on Bowlig Alley Location


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I'm looking for ideas from some with more experience than I have. I recently got a 36 lane bowling alley location, which recently changed owners, in a city that has a population of around 120,000. (Just to mention there are 2 other large bowling alleys at other points in this city , so its not the only one) This location previously only had 2 plush cranes . It also had an area with 3 pay by the hour pool tables. In checking the previous records , the new owner says the by the hour pool tables didn't generate much business...the best month being around 600.00. He was looking to make the area a small arcade, so I'm wondering besides cranes with plush, candy, knobby balls , eggs , what else to go with? The location does do a good amount of birthday parties for kids during the fall, winter, and spring months.  I am aware how poorly video's have been doing lately, pins have pretty much been out the equasion for some time, so in this day and age I'm curious what to do? Should I try ticket to prize type redemption? An Air Hockey? Photobooth?  What are the pro's and cons of tokens? What type of revenue could I expect from a location like this with the right equipment? Etc....

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