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Newbie in SC


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Hello to all


I have been lurking in this forum off and on for about a year I think. I have learned a tremendous amount from this forum. I have been interested in vending as an income stream for some time and I just got my first machine and located it. Its at my church's gym largely as a service to those using the gym. I will make some money but not a lot per vend and I expect it to be a low number of weekly vends, 20 vends a week and I will be happy. This allows me to get my feet wet and find out if vending is for me or not. If I don't hate it or just plain suck at it then I would like to slowly expand.

I found a local guy whose has a vending route and he helped me move the machine and offered me help in the future if I need it. Right now my work schedule and his make getting together difficult and I don't want to annoy him to much so I will be posting some questions the food and beverage forum.


Thank you all.





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