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Lighthouse Locators March Special Offers!

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Lighthouse Locators is offering the following specials for March 2014!!



1) "Luck Of The Irish Special"

Purchase any 3 locations (Silver or Gold) in March and get 1 FREE! 

     ***That's as low as $30 per triple!!



2) 105% Money Back Guarantee 

If we do not complete your order within 30 days, you get 105% of your purchase price back on ANY unplaced orders! No hassle, No Questions! Just great service!




Place your order securely through TVF!

Visit our website at www.lighthouselocators.com 


Toll Free:       1-800-838-5910 

Call or Text:    585-298-1174

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If i give you a list of locations i want(wish list)will you call them

Yes! If anyone has specific locations that they want called, we are happy to try and secure those for you. Obviously the more locations that are provided, the better chance of success we have. If we cannot fulfill all of the locations that you ordered by working ONLY off of a "wish list", we will ask you to provide more "wish list" locations OR zip codes for us to work off of. 

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