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Saeco Rubino 200 TTT Water Problem

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I have a problem with one of my Saeco Rubinos. It is the Black model, 4 hose, Software Version 14.03. Here goes.


When I transfer the beverage setup and programing using the chip, all of the beverages work perfectly except for the bin 3 (soluble). Without doing any changes to the beverage configuration the bin pumps out the soluble into bowl 2 but sends water and starts the whipper in bowl 1. Bowl 2 fills up with powder. Bowl 2 works perfectly with bin 2 (Hot Chocolate).


The first thing I tried was to adjust the sequence which was 0 0 0 0 3, I scrolled away from the 3 and tried to come back to it but the 3 was no longer available. It disappeared.


I went down to my local Saeco shop, they had never heard of this problem. I thought that my chip had possibly been corrupted so I bought a new one with the factory settings installed. I came back to my shop, installed it, and… I got the three back in my sequence but the machine continued as before to pump the soluble out of bin 3 and send the water and turn on the whipper motor for bowl 1.


So now I have run out of ideas, has anyone found a solution to this issue?

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Hey chris in bc! Thanks for the help. The vending machine support number is 815 297 9500 through Seaga here is a link to their parts page http://www.baristastore.com/home.php for your reference.

The number that you have is for home Saeco units not vending machines.

I am still in the same situation with this problem. I will update this page with a solution if I find it.

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